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        Foshan JINKAIDI Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd was founded in May 31st, 2005 and with 117 letter of patents.Our company as a high-tech enterprise of filtration Equipment has become a well-known large-scale enterprise dedicated to researching and manufacturing high grade filter press.Our factory is located in Aobian industrail park,Foshan, Guangdong,China.with an advanced production.We have a specialized production base and a perfect supply chain in Foshan, China.
        ????Our main products are chamber filter press,frame filter press,membrane filter pres,filter press,vertical filter press,[more]

        Contacts:Tommy Liu
        Mobile&Whatsapp&Wechat: 0086 13600300585
        Fax :0086 0757 82525310
        Email : jkd002@126.com
        Add :Aobian industry,Foshan,Guangdong

        Application scope

        Filter Press Chamber Filter Press Frame Filter Press Membrane Filter Press Belt Filter Press